Zurio Gaming

Hello everyone.

Today we have decided that we are, once again, shutting down Zurio.

This time it's not to rejoin TG or anything else within the MTA community, we are (hopefully) saying goodbye to MTA for good.

The reason is simply because we are tired of MTA, we cannot motivate ourselves to work on our projects no matter how much we want to see them come to life. That has led us to set unrealistic launch dates and promises.
Therefore, we will not attempt to finish our projects on MTA anymore, as we have concluded that we'll never be able to motivate ourselves to keep it going.

We are sorry for misleading you, it was not what we meant to do, we truly thought we would follow through this time.

I'm sorry that we took so long to make this decision after failing to meet our deadline, it has been hard for myself(ouyso) and Unix to communicate because of his computer troubles and busy life.

I am also very sorry to convey this message to our members, we feel we have wasted their time, and that was not our intent - I am truly sorry.

To those of you that we host mapping servers for, please take backups of everything as we will be shutting them down. This will happen on March 20th.

Thanks for reading, and sorry for disappointing.

Best regards,
ouyso and Unix.